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BraIn Plasticity & behavior changes


We study the mind-brain system through the use of electrophysiological and neuroimaging techniques, brain stimulation, bio/neuro-feedback and virtual reality, and we develop methodologies to realize specific changes – cognitive, emotional and behavioral – aimed at improving personal and professional life. 

Our research is mainly devoted to investigate neural learning mechanisms. Through different neuroimaging and behavioral techniques, we study how to improve brain plasticity, memory and attentional allocation.


Hard science, gentle touch

Our approach is characterized by the employment of strict methodological practices, based on rigorous statistical analyses and data replicability. Our commitment is towards open science. We make our data accessible on public repositories, to promote findings’ publicity and replicability. At the same time, we want our science to be respectful and polite. This is why we try to improve brain plasticity and learning mechanisms working on individual intrinsic motivation and by exploiting beauty and games


From the lab to the society  

Even though it does not always work, as people, we are committed to do useful things. We know that important scientific progresses come from basic research, still we try to keep an eye on the bigger picture. For this reason, we are involved in different clinical projects and in public engagement activities

Looking for “the garden in the brain” (Emily Dickinson)

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University of Turin (UniTo)

Department of Psychology

Via Verdi 10, 10124 Torino, ITALY

Right segment, 4th Floor, Room 3960

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Office tel. (+39) 011 670 3047

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